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2013 Novels & Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback

Copyright 2014; All Rights Reserved


Alexis, Andre: A, Book Thug (TD)
Amadahy, Zainab: Resistance, Createspace (TD)
Annandale, David: The Death of Antagonis, Black Library (TD)
Anderson, R. J. : Quicksilver, Lerner (HC)
Anna, Vivi: Releasing the Hunter, Harlequin (PB)
Armstrong, Kelley: Amityville Horrible, Subterranean (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Forbidden, Subterranean (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Brazen, Subterranean (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: The Rising, Doubleday (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Omens, Penguin (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley & M. A. Marr: Loki's Wolves, Little Brown (HC)
Armstrong, Luanne: Morven and the Horse Clan, Great Plains (TD)
Armstrong, Rachel: Fair Folk in Knob's End, Featherweight (TD)
Ashby, Madeline: ID: The Second Machine Dynasty, Angry Robot ( TD)
Atwood, Margaret: MaddAddam, Mclelland & Stewart (HC)
Avery, Olive: Won't Let Go, Crescent Moon (TD)

Bachman, Stefan: The Whatnot, Harper (HC)
Baines, Christian: The Beast Without, Glass House (TD)
Barker, Michelle: The Beggar King, Thistledown (TD)
Barclay, Robert: Death at the Podium, Loose Cannon Press (TD)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie: Witch Island, Ellora's Cave (TD)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie: Avenging Angel, Ellora's Cave (TD)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie: Dark Obsessions, Feral Martian (TD)
Binkley, Alex: Humanity's Saving Grace, Loose Cannon Press (TD)
Beiko, S. M. : The Lake and the Library, ECW (TD)
Blackwell, Paul: Undercurrent, Doubleday (TD)
Blais, Matthiew & Joel Casseus: Zippo, Exile (TD)
Blake, E.C.: Masks, Daw (HC)
Bohmer, Louise & K. H. Koehler: Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection, CreateSpace (TD)
Boudreau, Helene: Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels, Jabberwocky (TD)
Bow, Erin: Sorrow's Knot, Scholastic (HC)
Bow, Patricia: Running on Moonlight, (TD)
Bowman, Patrick: Cursed By the Sea God, Ronsdale (TD)
Brothwell, Joanne: Silencing Breath, Crescent Moon (TD)
Brouwer, Sigmund: Fortress of Mist, WaterBrook (TD)
Brouwer, Sigmund: Martyr's Fire, WaterBrook (TD)
Burgess, Tony: The n-Body Problem, CZP (TD)

Cameron, Christian: The Ill-Made Knight, Orion (HC)
Campbell, Meodie: Rowena and the Dark Lord, Imajin (TD)
Campbell, Rebecca: The Paradise Engine, NeWest (TD)
Carriere, S.M.: The Summer Bird, [self] (TD)
Carson, Anne: Red Doc, McClelland & Stewart (HC)
Carter, Lauren: Swarm, Brindle & Glass (TD)
Casseus, Joel & Mathieu Blais: Zippo, Exile (TD)
Catton, Eleanor: The Luminaries, McClleland & Stewart (HC)
Chan, Marty: The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate, FitzHenry & Whiteside (TD)
Chan, Marty: Barnabas Bogfoot, Thistledown (TD)
Chang, Janie: Three Souls, HarperCollins (TD)
Chapman, Elsie: Dualed, Random House (HC)
Chardenet, Nicole Sumer Lovin' : Deux, Voiliers (TD)
Christopher, Tina: Tangled Indulgence, Ellora's Cave (TD)
Chute, Robert Chazz: The Plague of Days: The Siege, Ex Parte Press (TD)
Collis, Stephen: The Red Album, Book Thug (TD)
Comeau, Joey: The Summer is Ended and We are Not Yet Saved, CZP (TD)
Cooke, Deborah: Kiss of Danger, [self] (TD)
Coupland, Douglas: Worst. Person. Ever., Random House (HC)
Crewe, Megan: The Lives We Lost, Hyperion (HC)
Cross, Kady: The Girl With The Iron Touch, Harlequin (HC)
Cross, Kate: Breath of Iron, Signet (PB)
Cummings, Sean: Student Bodies, Angry Robot (TD)
Cunningham, Bailey: Pile of Bones, Ace (PB)
Cushnie-Mansour, Mary M.: Night's Return, Cavern of Dreams (TD)
Czerneda, Julie: A Turn of Light, DAW (TD)

Daven, Kit: The Forgotten Gemstone, [self] (TD)
Dean, Sierra: Deep Dark Secret, Samhain (TD)
Dean, Sierra: Keeping Secret, Samhain (TD)
Dean, Sierra: Autumn, CreateSpace (TD)
DeFazio, Rene & Tamara Veetch: One Great Year, Greenleaf (TD)
deLainey, Aspen: Love 'n Lies, Sirens Call (PB)
Delaney, Rachelle: The Metro Dogs of Moscow, Puffin (TD)
Delaney, Rachelle: The Hunt For the Panther #3, Puffin (HC)
de Lint, Charles: The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, Little Brown (HC)
de Lint, Charles: Over My Head, Penguin (HC)
Denman, K. L.: Destination Human, Orca (TD)
Dickson, H. Leighton: Songs in the Year of the Cat, CreateSpace (TD)
di Julio, Ellie & Kyeli Smith Time & Again: Connection, Paradigm (TD)
di Julio, Ellie: Inkchanger, Elle Belle Media (TD)
Doctorow, Cory: Homeland, Tor (HC)
Dube, Marcelle: Blackli's Ford: An A'lle Chronicles Mystery, Falcon Ridge (TD)
Dube, Marcelle: Kirwan's Son, Falcon Ridge (TD)
Duncan, Dave: King of Swords, 47 North (TD)
Duncan, Dave: The Runner and the Wizard, 5 Rivers (TD)

Eaton, Chris: Chris Eaton: A Biography, Book Thug (TD)
Egan, Catherine: The Unmaking , Coteau (TD)
Ellery, Stefan: A, Burden of Choice (Secret Cravings)
Elliott, Tobin: The Wrong, Burning Effigy (TD)
Erikson, Steven: The Devil Delivered and Other Tales, Tor (HC)
Evans, Leigh: The Thing About Were's, St. Martin's (PB)

Fagan, Cary: Danny, Who Fell in a Hole, Groundwood (HC)
Fergus, Maureen: A Fool's Errand, Razorbill (HC)
Fitzsimmons, Catherine: Enduring Chaos, (TD)
Firmston, Kim: Boiled Cat, CreateSpace (TD)
Fletcher, Michael R.: 88 , Five Rivers (TD)
Frankel, Jen: The Last Rite, Xeno (TD)
Frankel, Jen: The Red Ring, Xeno (TD)
Friesen, Hal: Shepherds of Sparrows, Reality Skimming (TD)
Fuchs, A.P.: Underground Crusade: A Superhero Novel, Coscom (PB)
Gakis, Margarita: Trial By Fire, Fable (TD)
Gallant, Gail: Apparition , Doubleday (TD)
Galler-Smith, Barbara & Josh Langton: Warriors, Edge (TD)
Gakis, Margarita: Trial By Fire, Fable (TD)
Garlick, Jacqueline: Lumiere, [self] (TD)
Getty, L. T.: Tower of Obsidian, Burst (TD)
Gibbins, David: Pharoah, Headline (HC)
Ginther, Chadwick: Tombstone Blues, Ravenstone (TD)
Godbout, Neil: Resolve, Bundoran (TD)
Goelman, Ari: Path of Names, Scholastic (HC)
Gordon, Cheryl: Beneath, Gordon Publishing (TD)
Gould, Kimberly: Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice, Martin Sisters (TD)
Greenwood, Ed: The Wizard's Mask, Paizo (TD)
Gross, Dave: King of Chaos, Paizo (PB)

Hendley, Alicia : Type, Five Rivers (TD)
Hoare, Nicholas: Steam and Stratagem , Tyche (TD)
Hollihan, Keith: Gamification/C-Monkeys, CZP (TD)
Hore, R. J.: The Queen's Pawn, Champagne (TD)
Hopkinson, Nalo : Sister Mine, Grand Central (HC)
Howald, Meg: Are But Shadows, CreateSpace (TD)
Hubbard, Sara A.: Blood, She Read, Etopia (TD)
Hughes, Matthews: Hell To Pay, Angry Robot (PB)
Hughes, Matthew: Paroxysm, [self] (PB)

Ivey, Peter: The Lost Tribe, [self] (TD)
Ivey, Peter: Sins of the Father, [self] (TD)

Jeffries, Sagan : Trillionist, Edge (TD)
Jiles, Paulette: Lighthouse Island, HarperCollins (HC)

Karpyshyn, Drew: Children of Fire, Del Rey (HC)
Kaufman, Andrew: Born Weird, Random House (TD)
Kaufman, Lory: The Loved and the Lost, [self] (TD)
Kay, Guy Gavriel: River of Stars, Penguin (HC)
Kearsley, Susanna: The Firebird, Allison & Busby (HC)
Keyes, David: The Blood Read Heiress, The House of Pomegranate Press (TD)
Korman, Gordon: The Hypnotists, Scholastic (HC)
Kowalski, William: Just Gone, Orca (TD)
Kruger, Kat: The Night Has Claws, Fierce Ink (HC)

Laderoute, David: Out of Time, Five Rivers (TD)
Leduc, Amanda: The Miracles of Ordinary Men, ECW (TD)
Leggett, Lindsay: Flight, Burning Tree (TD)
Leiderman, Lucy : Lives of Magic, Dundurn (TD)
Leslie, Mark: Collateral Damage, [self] (TD)
Leung, Carianna: The Wondrous Woo, Inanna (TD)
Limberger, Claude: Johnny's Ripple, Pug (TD)
Livingston Lesley: Every Never After, Razorbill (TD)
Livingston, Lesley: Descendant, HarperCollins (TD)
Livingston, Lesley & Jonathan Llyr : How to Curse in Hieroglyphics, Puffin (TD)
Locke, Kate: The Queen is Dead, Orbit (HC)
Locke, Kate: Long Live the Queen, Orbit (HC)
Luiken, Nicole: Angel Eyes, CreateSpace (TD)

Macdonald, Ed: Atomic Storybook, Anvil (TD)
MacIntyre, Wendy: Lucia's Masks, Thistledown (TD)
MacGregor, Susan: The Tattooed Witch, Five Rivers (TD)
MacLeod, Sue: Namesake, Pajama Press (TD)
Maddison, Kate: The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore, Holiday House (HC)
Marentette, Meghan: The Stowaways, Pajama (HC)
Marshall, Clare: Stars in Her Eyes, Faery Ink (TD)
Marshall, James: Zombie vs. Fairy Featuring Albinos, CZP (TD)
Martin, C. K. Kelly: Yesterday, Doubleday (HC)
Martin, C. K. Kelly: Tomorrow, CreateSpace (TD)
Martin, Patrice: Kafka's Hat, Talonbooks (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: Final Boarding, [self] (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: Slip/Stream: Weird and Wondrous, [self] (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: Hat Trick, [self] (TD)
McAdam, Colin: A Beautiful Truth, Hamish Hamilton (HC)
McBride, Sally: Indigo Time, 5 Rivers (TD)
McCulloch, Amy: The Oathbreaker's Shadow , Doubleday (HC)
McGowan, Maureen: Compliance, Skyscape (HC)
McIntyre, L.G.A.: Lies of Lesser Gods, Per Ardua (TD)
McIsaac. Jodi: Through the Door, 47 North (TD)
McIsaac, Jodi: Into the Fire, 47 North (TD)
McIsaac, Meaghan: Urgle, Dancing Cat Books (TD)
McKay, W. D.: Ghost God, [self] (TD)
McLure, Melia: The Delphi Room, Chizine (TD)
McNicoll, Sylvia: Dying to Go Viral, Fitzhenry & Whiteside (TD)
McPherson, Jim: Nuclear Dragons, Phantacea (TD)
Meikle, William: The Hole, DarkFuse (TD)
Meikle, William: The Ravine, DarkFuse (TD)
Meikle, William: The Amulet, Seven Realms (TD)
Meikle, William: The Sirens, Seven Realms (TD)
Meikle, William: The Skin Game, Seven Realms (TD)
Mirolla, Michael: The Giulio Metaphysics III, Leapfrog Press (TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah: If the Shoe Fits, Scholastic (HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah: Sink or Swim, Scholastic (HC)
Moreira, Carol: Membrane, Fierce Ink (TD)
Moriarty, Jaclyn: A Corner of White, Arthur A. Levine (HC)
Morse, Garry Thomas: Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour, Talonbooks (TD)
Mulligan, Claire: The Dark, Doubleday (HC)
Mumford, Eddie: Invisible Foxes, Teksteditions (TD)
Munday, Evan: Dial M for Morna, ECW (TD)
Murray, Brenda L. : The Haunting of M. E. , CreateSpace (TD)

Nantus, Sheryl: Heroes Lost and Found, Samhain (TD)
New, William: Sam Swallow and the Riddleworld League, Tradewind (TD)
Nicolson, Lyle: Dolphin Dreams, Iguana (TD)
Nickle, David: The Geisters, CZP (TD)
Novik, Mary: Muse, Doubleday (TD)

Ozeki, Ruth: A Tale for the Time Being, Viking (HC)

Paille, Rhiannon: Justice, CreateSpace (TD)
Paille, Rhiannon: Vulture, CreateSpace (TD)
Pearl, Stephen B.: Worlds Apart, Dark Dragon (TD)
Peddle, B.W.: Tears of Gold, CreateSpace (TD)
Perron, Kristene & Joshua Simpson: Wasteland Renegades, Createspace (TD)
Poeltl, Michael: Her Past's Present, Skylab (TD)
Poeltl, Michael: West of Noreasco, Skylab (TD)
Pohl-Weary, Emily: Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl, Penguin (HC)
Pyper, Andrew: The Demonologist, Simon & Schuster (HC)

Ramsey, Sherry D.: One's Aspect to the Sun, Tyche (TD)
Ricci-Thode, Vanessa: Dragon Whisperer, Iguana (HC)
Rix, Deborah: External Forces, Dime Store Books (TD)
Rhodes, Morgan: Rebel Spring, RazorBill (HC)
Rix, Deborah: External Forces, Dime Store (TD)
Rodman, Sean: Night Terrors, Orca (TD)
Rollo, Gord: Only the Thunder Knows, Journalstone (TD)
Roman, Peter: The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, CZP (TD)
Rossetti, Rinsai: The Girl With Borrowed Wings, Dial (HC)
Routcliffe, Margaret: They Called Me The Cat, Trafford (TD)
Rowe, Michael: Wildfell, CZP (TD)
Rowen, Michelle: Wicked Kiss, Harlequin (PB)
Roy, Philip: Seas of South Africa, Ronsdale (TD)
Runstedler, Nancy: Beautiful Goodbye, Dundurn (TD)

Sagara, Michelle: Cast in Sorrow, Harlequin (TD)
Sandiford, Robert E.: And Sometimes They Fly, DC (TD)
Sands, Lynsay: Immortal Ever After , HarperCollins (PB)
Sands, Lynsay: One Lucky Vampire, Avon (PB)
Sarina, Nola: Gilded Destiny, CreateSpace (TD)
Sarina, Nola: Jaded Touch, Create Space (TD)
Sarina, Nola & Emily Faith: Wild Hyacinthe, Crimson Romance (TD)
Sawyer, Robert J.: Red Planet Blues, Penguin (HC)
Sheridan, Kellie: Mortality, Patchwork Press (TD)
Silberberg, Alan: The Awesome, Almost 100% True Adventures of Matt & Craz, Simon & Schuster (HC)
Silver, Eve: Rush, HarperCollins (HC)
Singh,Jaspreet: Helium, Bloomsbury/Penguin (HC)
Slayter, Rebecca Silver: In the Land of Birdfishes, HarperCollins (TD)
Smedman, Lisa: The Gided Rune, WoTC (PB)
Smith, Caighlan: Hallow Hour, Boulder (TD)
Smith, Douglas: The Wolf At the End of the World, [self] (TD)
Snape, D. K.: Kin Ship, Sirens Call (TD)
Srigley, P.: Deeply, Wigglesworth (TD)
St. James, Simone: An Inquiry Into Love and Death, NAL (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: The Sinking of Atlan, Weird & Wondrous (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: Sunset Val's Final Boarding, Weird & Wondrous (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: SLR/Slipstream, Weird & Wondrous (TD)
St. Martin, Rob: Hat Trick, Weird & Wondrous (TD)
Sterling, L. E. : Pluto's Gate , DC (HC)
Stewart, Michael F.: Assured Destruction, Non Sequitur Press (TD)
Stewart, Micahel F. Script Kiddie: Non Sequitur, Press (TD)
Stirling, S.M.: Shadows of Falling Night, ROC (HC)
Stirling, S.M.: The Given Sacrifice, ROC (HC)
Strange, Liz: Fair Folk in Knob's End, Featherweight (TD)
Strange, Liz: Born of Blood and Retribution, Passion in Print (TD)
Stratton, Allan : Curse of the Dream Witch, Scholastic (TD)
Stringam, Jean: Solstice Magic, Dollison (TD)
Stroud, Carsten: The Homecoming, Knopf (HC)
Sun, Amanda: Ink, Harlequin (TD)

Tardif, Cheryl Kaye: Submerged, ImaJin (TD)
Thomson, Rachel Starr: Exiled, Little Dozen (TD)
Thornton, Ian: The Great and Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms: How One Man Scorched the Twentieth Century but Didn't Mean To, Simon & Schuster (HC)

Ungar, Richard: Time Trapped, Putnam (HC)

Vedam, Shereen: A Beastly Scandal, ImaJinn (TD)
Vernon, Steve: Tatterdemon, CreateSpace (TD)
Voss Peters, Karen: William Meets the Stick Family, Iguana (TD)

Wagamese, Richard: Him Standing, Orca (TD)
Weekes, Patrick: Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, Tor (PB)
West, Michelle: Battle, Daw (HC)
Weston, Robert Paul: Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff , Razorbill (TD)
Weston, Robert Paul: The Creature Department, Razorbill (HC)
Wharton, Thomas: The Tree of Story, Doubleday (HC)
Wilbon, Shaylynn: This I Promise, Authorhouse (HC)
Willett, Ed Right to Know Bundoran TD
Williams, Lynda: Holy War, Edge (TD)
Williams, Lynda: Gathering Storm, Edge (TD)
Wilson, Robert Charles: Burning Paradise, Tor (HC)
Worth, Liz: PostApoc, Now or Never (TD)
Wylie, Jen: Broken Prince, Untold Press (TD)

Young, Lesley: Sky's End, Soul Mate (TD)
Young, Mike: Kirk's Landing, Deux Voiliers (TD)


Berger, Darryl Joel: Dark All Day, John Gosslee Books (TD)
Brown, Frederick D.: Twisted Dreams, Twisted Streams, Strange, Weird & Wonderful (TD)
Burns, Cliff: Exceptions & Deceptions, Black Dog (TD)

Crossley, Russ: Tales of Weird Fantasy, 53rd Street Publishing (TD)
Crossley, Russ: Adventures in Urban Fantasy, 53rd Street Publishing (TD)
Crossley, Russ: Tales of the Unexpected, 53rd Street Publishing (TD)
Crossley, Russ: Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy, 53rd Street Publishing (TD)
Crossley, Russ: Revenge of the Lushites, 53rd Street Publishing (TD)
da Costa, Paulo: The Green and Purple Skin of the World, Freehand (TD)
Dean, Michael: In Search of the Perfect Lawn / The Walled Garden, Tekseditions (TD)

Frankel, Jen: Feral Tales, CreateSpace (TD)

Giron, Sephera: Weird Tales of Terror, CreateSpace (TD)

Lalumiere, Claude: Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes, CreateSpace (TD)
Lambert, Shaena: Oh My Darling, HarperCollins (HC)

MacCath, C. S.: The Ruin of Beltany Ring, CreateSpace (TD)
MacLeod, Sue: Namesake, Pajama Press (TD)
Marek, Adam: The Stone Thrower, ECW (TD)
McCann, Michael J.: The Ghost Man, Plaid Raccoon Press (TD)
Meikle, Willie The Quality of Mercy and Other Stories Dark Renaissance HC
Moloney, Susie: Things Withered, CZP (TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah: If the Shoe Fits, Scholastic (HC)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia: This Strange Way of Dying, Exile (TD)
Munteanu, Nina: Natural Selection, Pixl Press (TD)

North, Ryan & (Wm. Shakespeare): To Be or Not To Be, (TD)

Peever, Lydia: Pray Lied Eve, [self] (TD)
Pflug, Ursula : The Alphabet Stones, Blue Denim Press (TD)

Schnarr, J. W.: Things Falling Apart, Five Rivers (TD)
Schnarr, J. W.: A Quiet Place, Five Rivers (TD)
Snow, Julianne: Glimpses of the Undead, Sirens Call (TD)
Sproule, Dale L.: Psychedelia Gothique, Arctic Mage (TD)

Watts, Peter: Beyond the Rift , Tachyon (TD)
Weekes, Carole: Dead Reflections, Journalstone (TD)