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2017 Novels & Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback; E=Ebook

Copyright 2017; All Rights Reserved


A., Alex, Mini-Jon's Experiments (Adventure, HC)
A., Alex, A Sheep in the Head (Adventure, TD)
A., Alex, The Ultimate Symbol Book (Adventure, TD)
Aaron, Rafi, In the Days of the Cotton Wind and the Sparrow (Exile, TD)
Abdou, Angie, In Case I Go (Arsenal Pulp, TD)
Abraham, Brad, Magicians Impossible (St. Martins, HC)
Aguiar, Nadia, Secrets of Tamarind (Square Fish, TD)
Alward, Amy, The Potion Diaries: Going Viral (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Alward, Amy, Royal Tour (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Annandale, David & Robbie McNiven, Legacy of the Wolfen (Black Library, TD)
Annandale, David, Lamartes (Black Library, HC)
Annandale, David, Fury of the God Machine (Black Library, HC)
Arbuthnot, Shane, Dominion (Orca, HC)
Arsenault, Philippe, Zora, A Cruel Tale (Talonbooks, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Shadows (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Valor (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Lost (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Rising (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Reborn (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Eternal (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Honor (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Kings of Ruin (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Eternal Earthrise (Createspace,TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Crowns of Rust (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Thrones of Ash (Createspace,TD)
Armstrong, Kelley, Missing (Random House, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Lost Souls (Subterranean, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Forest of Ruin (Doubleday Canada, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Rituals (Random House, HC)
Arsenault, Philippe, Zora, A Cruel Tale (Talonbooks,TD)

Bailey, Linda, The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library (Tundra, HC)
Baillie, Martha, If Clara (Coach House, TD)
Bakker, R. Scott, The Unholy Consult (Overlook, HC)
Baker, Carleigh, Bad Endings (Anvil, TD)
Balsara, A.T., The Great and the Small (Common Deer, HC)
Barclay, Linwood, Chase (Puffin Canada, HC)
Barbour, Roxanne, Alien Innkeeper (self, TD)
Barnard, Jayne, Maddie Hatter and the Timely Taffeta (Tyche, TD)
Barnard, Jayne, Maddie Hatter and the Guilded Guage (Tyche, TD)
Barron, K.E., The Eye of Versihten (Friesen,TD)
Bartlett, Scott, Juggernaut (Mirth, TD)
Bartlett, Scott, Reckoning (Mirth, TD)
Basran, Gurjinder, Someone You Love is Gone (Viking, TD)
Bass, Karen, Two Times a Traitor (Pajama, HC)
Bazos, Cryssa, Traitor's Knot (self, TD)
Beiko, S.M., Scion of the Fox (ECW, HC)
Bell, E.C. Dying on Second (Tyche, TD)
Bennett, Holly, Drawn Away (Orca, TD)
Berry, Michelle, The Prisoner and the Chaplain (Buckrider, TD)
Biggles, Ape, Oxford Bags (self, E)
Bin, Matthew, The Taste (Createspace, TD)
Bin, Matthew, Brendan's Way (Bundoran, TD
Blair, Kate A., Tangled Planet (Dancing Cat, TD)
Blake, Elly, Frost Blood (Little Brown, HC)
Blake, Elly, Fire Blood (Little Brown, HC)
Blazevic, Natasha, Grimenna (Edge, TD)
Boone, Ezekiel, Skitter (Gollancz / Atria, HC)
Bowling, Tim, The Heavy Bear (Wolsak & Wynn, TD)
Brandt, Gerald, The Rebel (Daw, HC)

Callahan, Coreene, Fury of Surrender (Montlake, TD)
Callahan, Coreene, Wounded (Talos, TD)
Cameron, Claire, The Last Neanderthal (Doubleday Canada,HC)
Cameron, Miles, The Fall of Dragons (Orbit, TD)
Cannon, Kristan, Ghostwalker (Kceditions, HC)
Chan, Gillian, The Disappearance (Annick, HC)
Chan, Marty, Shadow and Spell (Clockwise, PB)
Chang, Janie, Dragon Springs Road (HarperAvenue, TD)
Charbonneau, Marisol, Mother of Mortals (Arcana, TD)
Charish, Kristi, Owl and the Electric Samurai (Gallery, TD)
Choyce, Lesley, Thin Places (Dundurn, TD)
Ciccarelli, Kristen, The Last Namsara (HarperTeen, HC)
Cohen, Marina, The Doll's Eye (Roaring Book, HC)
Cohen-Janca, Irene, The Golem of Prague (Annick, HC)
Coles, Bennett R., March of War (Titan, TD)
Comeau, Joey, Malagash (ECW, TD)
Conner, Thomas, Retrogress (Friesen, HC)
Cotter, Charis, The Painting (Tundra, HC)
Crewe, Megan, Beast (Another World, TD)
Cross, Kady, Sisters of Salt and Iron (Harlequin, TD)
Curran, Oisin, Blood Fable (Book Thug, TD)
Curtis, Sky, Flush (Inanna, TD)
Cutter, Nick, Little Heaven (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Czerneda, Julie E., To Guard Against the Dark (Daw, HC)

D'anna, Lynette, Fool's Bells (Sister Press,TD)
Dawe, Tom, Spirited Away (Running the Goat, HC)
De Castell, Sebastien, Tyrant's Throne (Quercus, HC)
De Castell, Sebastien, Spellsinger (Hot Key, HC)
De Castell, Sebastien, Shadowblack (Hot Key, HC)
Deen, Natasha, Games End (Great Plains, TD)
de Lint, Charles, The Wind in His Heart (self,TD)
de Nikolits, Lisa, No Fury Like That (Inanna, TD)
Desmarais, Eric, Parasomnia (Renaissance Press, TD)
Diem, Rebecca, Of Tempests and Teacups (Woolf Like Me, TD)
Dimaline, Cherie, The Marrow Thieves (Dancing Cat Books, TD)
Doctorow, Cory, Walkaway  (Tor, HC)
Dowsett, Justine Alley & Murandy Damodred, Uncharted (Mirror World, TD)
Draga, Brandon, Collapse of the Kingdoms (Createspace, TD)
Dranoff, Beth, Mark of the Moon (Carina, PB)
Dubeau, J.F., The God in the Shed (Inkshares, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Portal of a Thousand Worlds (Open Road, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Ironfoot (Skyhorse, TD)
Dunn, Bruce E., Dogmas, Gods, and Simulacrons (Dog Ear, TD)
Dunn, Bruce E., Death by Arrogance (Dog Ear, TD)
Dunnion, Krystin, Tarry This Night (Arsenal Pulp, TD)
Dyer, Heather, Magic in the City (Kids Can, HC)

Eames, Nicholas, King of the Wyld (Orbit, TD)
Edwards, Leigh Ann, Chieftain's Wife (Tule, TD)
Egan, Catherine, Julia Defiant (Doubleday Canada, HC)
El Akkad, Omar, American War (McClelland & Stewart, HC)
Enfield, Tyler, Hannah and the Magic Eye (Great Plains, TD)
Escalada, V.M., Halls of Law (Daw, HC)
Esslemont, Ian C., Deadhouse Landing (Tor, HC)

Favro, Terri, Sputnik's Children (ECW, TD)
Faw, Susan, Soul Sanctuary (self, TD)
Faw, Susan, Soul Sacrifice (self, TD)
Fawcett, Heather, Even the Darkest Stars (Balzer & Bray, HC)
Ferguson, Will, The Shoe on the Roof (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Fleming, Anne, The Goat (Groundwood, TD)
Fletcher, Michael R., Swarm and Steel (Talos, TD)
Fletcher, Michael R., Ghosts of Tomorrow (TEGG, TD)
Foster, Amy S., The Rift Frequency (Harper, HC)
Foyle, Naomi, The Stained Light (Quercus, TD)
Funkhauser, A.B., Scooter Nation (Solstice, TD)

George, Kallie, Heartwood Hotel (HarperCollins Canada, HC)
George, Kallie, The Greatest Gift (HarperCollins Canada, HC)
Giacom, A., Zombie Hunter (Createspace, TD)
Gibbins, David, Testament (Thomas Dunne, HC)
Giles, Melinda Vandenbeld, Clara Awake (Inanna, TD)
Goelman, Ari, The Innocence Treatment (Roaring Brook, HC)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The City of Arches (Pandamoon, TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The Song of Hadariah (Pandamoon, TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The Hedgwitch's Charm (Pandamoon, TD)
Gowdy, Barbara, Little Sister (HarperCollins, HC)
Graham, Randal, Beforelife (ECW, TD)
Gray, Andrew Neil & J.S. Herbison, The Ghost Line (Tor, TD)
Greenis, Heather, Natasha's Hope (Books We Love, TD)
Greenis, Heather, Natasha's Legacy (Books We Love, TD)
Grenier, Daniel, The Longest Year (Anansi, TD)
Grey, Orrin, Godless (Skull Island eXpeditions, TD)
Griffin, Daniel, Two Roads Home (Freehand, TD)
Gurgu, Costi, Recipearium (White Cat, TD)
Gwynn, Timothy, Avians (5 Rivers, TD)

Haas, John, The Reluctant Barbarian (Renaissance Press, TD)
Hamilton, Alwyn, Traitor to the Throne (Viking, HC)
Hicks, Faith Erin, The Stone Heart (First Second, HC)
Hird, Cathy, Fractured: When Shadows Arise (Waldorf, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, City of Phants (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, Bug Hunt (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, Robot Dust Bunnies (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, You Are Prey (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, Alien Empress (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, Quantum Predation (self, TD)
Hooke, Isaac, Worlds at War (self, TD)
Horvath, Polly, The Night Garden (Puffin Canada, HC)
Huff, Tanya, A Peace Divided (Daw, HC)
Hunt, Stephen, The Stealers' War (Gollancz, TD)

Jankiewicz, A.A., Q-16 And the Eye to all Worlds (self, HC)
Jankiewicz, A.A., Q-16 And the Unfinished Tower (self, TD)
Jennings, Holly, Gauntlet (Ace, TD)
Jenson, Danielle L., The Broken Ones (Angry Robot, PB)
Johnston, Aviaq, Those Who Run in the Sky (Inhabit, TD)

Kaufman, Andrew, Small Claims (Invisible, TD)
Keeling, Ian Donald, The Thread War (CZP, TD)
Kellough, Janet, The Bathwater Conspiracy (Edge, TD)
Khan, Ausma, The Bloodprint (Harper, HC)
Kilpatrick, Nancy, Revenge of the Vampire King (Crossroads, TD)
King, C.A., Escape to Darkness (King's Toe, TD)
King, C.A., Collecting Tears (King's Toe, TD)
King, C.A., Pride (King's Toe, TD)
King, C.A., A Halloween's Curse (King's Toe, TD)
King, Wesley, Laura Monster Crusher (Puffin Canada, HC)
King, Wesley, Enemy of the Realm (Razorbill, TD)
King, Thomas, Coyote Tales (Groundwood, HC)
Kirk, Richard A., Necessary Monsters  (Arche, TD)
Kress, Adrienne, The Door in the Alley (Delacorte, HC)
Kwa, Lydia, Oracle Bone (Arsenal Pulp, TD)

Lalumiere, Claude, Venera Dreams (Guernica, TD)
Landels, J.M., Allaigna's Song: Overture (Pulp Literature, TD)
Landry, Pierre-Luc, Listening For Jupiter (Baraka, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Squeeze (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, When a Lioness Pounces (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Becoming Dragon (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Unleashed (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Island (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve & Kate Douglas & A C Arthur, Hunger (St. Martin's Griffin, TD)
Langlais, Eve, King (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Mr. Peabody's House (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Blood of the Lost (self, TD )
Langlais, Eve, Rising Darkness (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Wounded (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Veiled Threat (Talos, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Rebel (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Foretold (self, TD)
Laverdure, Bertrand, Readopolis (BookThug, TD)
Leavitt, Martine, Calvin (Roaring Brook, HC)
Ledwith, Sharon, Lost and Found (Mirror World, TD)
Lee, Fonda, Exo (Scholastic, HC)
Lee, Fonda, Jade City (Orbit, HC)
Leslie, Mark, A Canadian Werewolf in New York (Stark, TD)
Livingston, Lesley, The Valiant (HarperCollins, HC)

Maaren, Kari, Weave a Circle Round (Tor, HC)
Macaulay, Regan W.H., Horror at Terror Creek (self, PB)
MacIntyre, Wendy, Hunting Piero (Thistledown, TD)
MacGregor, Susan, The Tatooed Seer (5 Rivers, TD)
Mackenzie, Jack, Time Like Broken Glass (Rage Machine, TD)
MacKinnon, Joseph T., Cypulchre (Guy Faux, TD)
MacKinnon, Joseph T., Archetypal (Guy Faux, TD)
Masdden, Stacey, Touching Strangers (Now or Never, TD)
Mahoney, Joe,  A Time and a Place (5 Rivers, TD)
Marshall, Clare C., Hunger in Her Bones (Faery Ink, TD)
Marston, Ann, Diamonds in Black Sand (5 Rivers, TD )
Martin, C.K. Kelly, Stricken (Dancing Cat Books, TD)
Martineck, Michael J., The Link Boy (Edge, TD)
Mather, Matthew, The Utopia Chronicles (47N, TD)
Mastai, Elan, All Our Wrong Todays (Penguin Random House, HC)
Mayer, Shannon, Raising Innocence (Talos, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Fangs and Fennel (47 N, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Hisses and Honey (47 N, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Lynchpin (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Blind Salvage (Talos, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Blood of the Lost (Talos, TD)
Mayr, Suzette, Dr. Edith Vane and The Hares of Crawley Hall (Coach House, TD)
McGrath, V.S., The Devil's Revolver (Brain Mills, TD)
McIsaac, Jodi, Summon the Queen (47 N, TD)
Meikle, Willie, The Boathouse (DarkFuse, TD)
Meikle, Willie, Into the Green (April Moon, TD)
Melanson, Trevor, Winter's End (Edge, TD)
Michell, Stephen, Only the Devil is Here (CZP, TD)
Miller, Karen, The Prince of Glass (Orbit, HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Abby in Wonderland (Scholastic, HC)
Moore, Alice, Touched by Darkness (iUniverse, HC)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, The Beautifuil Ones (Thomas Dunne, HC)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, Prime Meridian (Innsmouth Free Press, TD)
Morrison, Diane, Food on Their Table (self, TD)
Murgan, Claudiu, The Decadence of Our Souls (self, TD)

Neuvel, Sylvain, Waking Gods (Del Rey, HC)
Nickle, David, Volk: A Novel of Radiant Abomination (CZP, TD)

O'Donnell, Liam, The Case of the Missing Mage (Orca, TD)
O'Neill, Heather, The Lonely Hearts Hotel (HarperCollins, HC)
Onia, Al, Rogue Town (Bundoran, TD)
Orr, Wendy, Dragonfly Song (Pajama, HC)

Parkin, Peter & Alison Darby, Headhunter (Sands, TD)
Pendzivol, Jean, The Lightkeper's Daughters (HarperTeen, HC)
Perlmutter, David, Honey & Salt (Scarlet Leaf, TD)
Peters, Steven, 59 Glass Bridges (NeWest, TD)
Pick, Alison, Strangers With The Same Dream (Knopf Canada, HC)
Powell, Marie, Hawk and Crown (5 Rivers, TD)
Power, Craig Francis, Skeet Love (Breakwater Books, TD)
Prendregast, G.S., Zero Repeat Forever (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Prendergast, Gabrielle, Pinch Me (Orca, TD)
Pyper, Andrew, The Only Child (Simon & Schuster Canada, HC)

Quitsauik-Tinsley, Sean & Rachel, Why the Monster (Inhabit, TD)

Ragan, Shane, Separated Soul (Friesen, HC)
Ragan, Shane, Secret Sorcerer (Friesen, HC)
Ramadan, Ahmad Danny, The Clothesline Swing (Nightwood, TD)
Ramsey, Sherry D., Beyond the Sentinel Stars (Tyche, TD)
Raughley, Sarah, Siege of Shadows (Simon Pulse, HC)
Redhill, Michael, Bellevue Square (Doubleday, HC)
Renshaw, G.W., The True Love Affair (Javari, TD)
Reynolds, Timothy, The Broken Shield (Cometcatcher, TD)
Rhodes, Morgan, Immortal Reign (Razorbill, HC)
Richler, Emma, Be My Wolff (Knopf Canada, HC)
Ridler, Jason, Hex-Rated (Nightshade, TD)
Ripplinger, Henry K., The House Where Angels Dwell (Pio Seelos, TD)
Rivers, Karen, Love, Ish (Cormorant, TD)
Robinson, Eden, Son of a Trickster (Knopf Canada, HC)
Rodman, Sean, Firewall (Orca, TD)
Rogers, K.C., Vampire's Lust (iUniverse, TD)
Rose, Simon, Shadowzone (self, PB)
Rose, Simon, Into the Web (self, PB)
Rose, Simon, Black Dawn (self, PB)
Rose, Simon, Twisted Fate (Tyche, PB)
Rosenbaum, Richard, Pretend to Feel (Now or Never, TD)
Rosenbaum, Richard, Things Don't Break (Tightrope, TD)
Roy, Michelle, Recombinant_9 (, TD)
Roy, Philip, Sleath of the Ninja (Ronsdale, TD)
Ryan, Sofie, Telling Tails (Nal, PB)
Ryan, Sofie, Paws and Effect (Nal, PB)

Sagara, Michelle, Grave (Daw, HC)
Samms, Penny L., Invasion: Eris (iUniverse, TD)
Samson, Manon, The Secret of the Yiaras (Louis Desmarais, TD)
Samson, Manon, The Mark of Destiny (Createspace, TD)
Sands, Kevin, The Assassin's Curse (Aladdin, HC)
Sands, Lynsay, Immortal Unchained (HarperCollins, HC)
Sands, Lynsay, Immortally Yours (HarperCollins, HC)
Savory, Brett, The Perfect Machine (Angry Robot, PB)
Sexsmith,Ron, Deer Life (Dundurn, TD)
Shatner, William & Jeff Rovin, Green Space (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Cop House (Nightwood, TD)
Silverthorne,Judith, Ghosts in the Garden (Coteau, TD)
Skeet, Michael, A Poisoned Prayer (5 Rivers, TD)
Slade,Arthur, Flickers (HarperCollins, TD)
Smith, Robert V., So I Might Be a Vampire (Bajan, TD)
Spicket, M.J., Brothers (Kceditions, TD)
Spicket, M.J., Immortality (Kceditions, TD
Stein, Dennis, Assasins (Sands, TD)
Sterling, L.E., True North (Entangled, HC)
Sternbergh, Adam, The Blinds (Ecco, HC)
Stewart, Glynn, Rimward to the Stars (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Duchess of Terra (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn & Terry Mixon, Oath of Vengeance (Faery Ink, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Heart of Vengeance (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Judgment of Mars (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, City in the Sky (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Blood of the Innocent (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Operation Medusa (Faolan's Pen, TD
Stewart, Glynn, Changeling's Fealty (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Interstelar Mage (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Michael F., Keep in a Cold Dark Place (The Publishing House, TD)
Stirling, S.M., The Sea Peoples (Ace, HC)
Stobbe, Christine, Dragon's Fire (self, TD)
Stobbe, Christine, The Rose of Caledon (self, TD)
Story, Kate A., The Insubstantial Pageant (CZP, TD)
Strange, Liz, Erased (Crossroads, TD)
Strange, Liz, Allucinor (Createspace, TD)
Sutherland, Joel A., Summer's End (Scholastic Canada, TD)
Sutherland, Joel A., The House Next Door (Scholastic, TD)
Sutherland, Joel A., Kill Screen (Scholastic, TD)

Talaber, Frank, Thunderbird's Wake (Ebound, TD)
Talaber, Frank, Raven's Lament (Ebound, TD
Terry, Teri, Book of Lies (Clarion, HC)
Todd, Jack, Rose & Poe (ECW, TD)
Tomlinson, Dania, Our Animal Hearts (Doubleday Canada, TD)
Toxopeus, Ryan, A Hero's Quest (Createspace, TD)

Unwin, Peter, Searching for Petronius Totem (Freehand, PB)

Vandenbeld Giles, Melinda, Clara Awake (Inanna, TD)
VanSickle, Vikki, The Winnowing (Scholastic, PB)
Verveniotis, Gabriel, The Sanguinaires (Quattro, TD)

Walton, Jo, Poor Relations (Tor, HC)
Wehm, M. Darusha, Pixels and Flesh (in potentia, TD)
White, Nicola R., The Fury Bride (Createspace, TD)
White, Wade Albert, The Adventuer's Guide to Dragons (Little, Brown, HC)
Willett, Ed, The Cityborn (Daw, HC)
Williams, Eli K.P., The Naked World (Skyhorse, HC)
Winter, Kathleen, Lost in September (Knopf Canada, HC)
Wronski, Gareth, Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy (Aladdin, HC)

Youers, Rio, The Forgotten Girl (St. Martin's, HC)


Armstrong, Kelley, The Complete Darkest Powers Tales (K.L.A. Fricke, TD)
Bottenburg, Rupert, Fourscore Phantasmagores (CZP, TD)
Czerneda, Julie E., Totalopia (PM, TD)
Darbyshire, Peter, Has the World Ended Yet? (Wolsak and Wynn, TD)
Demchuk, David, The Bone Mother (CZP, TD)
Friedman, Ron S., Escape Velocity (Createspace, TD)
Gardner, James A., All Those Explosiaons Were Someone Else's Fault (Tor, HC)
Griggs, Terry, The Discovery of Honey (Biblioasis, TD)
Grudova, Camilla, The Doll's Alphabet (Coach House, TD)
MacLeod, Alison, All the Beloved Ghosts (Penguin, HC)
McNulty, Lori, Life on Mars (Goose Lane, TD)
Meikle, Willie, The Dreaming Man (Gryphonwood, TD)
Ramsey,Sherry D., The Cache and Other Stories (self, TD)
Simpson, Leanne, The Accident of Being Lost (Astoria, TD)
Sirk, Sarah Meehan, The Dead Husband Project (Anchor Canada, TD)
Willis, Deborah, The Dark and Other Love Stories (Hamish Hamilton, HC)
Zomparelli, Daniel, Everything is Awful and You're a Terrible Person (Arsenal Pulp, TD)